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Avocados, botanical name Persea americana, are members of the family Lauraceae, which includes the plants that produce edible cinnamon, camphor, sassafras and the herb, laurel (bay leaf). The Florida avocado received its given name due to its current growing region. There are actually at least 50 different varieties of avocados that grow in Florida. They are not classified by individual cultivars though, rather simply Spring, Fall and Winter Florida avocados. Florida is known for and markets its larger avocado varieties that tend to produce more quality and consistent fruit. The most successful commercial varieties include Doni, Lula, Bernecker and Pollock. Florida avocados are easily distinguishable from other avocados in both appearance and flavor. Unlike Hass avocados, most Florida avocado varieties’ skin does not turn color when ripe. The skin is smooth, kelly green and mottled with the occasional brown streak. The skin is firmly attached to the fruit’s flesh, yet easy to peel away. The flesh is cornflower gold, soft yet pliable, high in moisture content with a melting quality. The fruit has a large central pit, yet because of the fruit’s size (often weighing over a pound) edible yield is still high. Its flavors display subtle notes of grass and nuts such as almonds and filberts. Avocados have nutritional advantages over other fruit. Sustenance-wise, they contain the highest source of protein of all fruits. They are also high in fiber, folate, Vitamin E and they have 60 % more potassium than bananas per serving.


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