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Cherry tomatoes has many varieties, such as Cherry Indigo, Cherry Orange, Cherry Rainbow, Cherry Sungold, Cherry Yellow, Cherry Teardrop, Cherry Vine, Cherry Vine Red, Cherry Vine Orange, Cherry Vine Yellow. Cherry tomatoes are available year round with a peak season during the warm summer months. Cherry tomatoes, botanical classification Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme, are classified by a few factors. The first is how they grow. Cherry tomato plants produce in two different forms: determinate or indeterminate. Determinate varieties grow on bush-like plants with short vines and bear just one crop per season. Indeterminate varieties are long, sprawling vine plants. They will bear fruit continuously throughout the season. These are the cherry tomato varieties of choice for yield. Another classification is heirloom or hybrid. Heirloom Cherry tomatoes are tomatoes that have been reproduced for generations without cross-breeding. Hybrid Cherry tomatoes are the result of crossing two different varieties. Shape is also a factor. Though the quintessential tomato is round, through natural mutation there are other shapes ranging from pear to torpedo. Cherry tomatoes are generally much sweeter than large tomatoes. As there are hundreds of Cherry tomato varieties, the size and colors will vary. The perfect Cherry tomato will be first and foremost, in season. It should be almost firm, thin and smooth-skinned and the flavor, a balancing act of sweet and tart with a juicy mouth-watering texture. Cherry tomatoes are a versatile ingredient for your kitchen arsenal. The sweetness of Cherry tomatoes compliments many other flavors both mild and rich and the sweetness is intensifies when cooked. Pair tomatoes with companion ingredients that also happen to be in season. Fresh corn, chiles, watermelon, shelling beans, fresh cheeses, scallops, prawns, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, fresh nuts, avocados, zucchini and herbs such as mint, arugula and basil, each a complimentary match for Cherry tomatoes. Though Cherry tomatoes are perfect for fresh eating, cooking will enhance their sweetness and add depth. Consider blanching and peeling the skin, flash blister on the grill to impart smokiness, making a sauce with mature fruits or make a tomato broth and serve warm or chilled. Cherry tomatoes were the first tomato species to be domesticated. They were and still remain an inherent part of the indigenous diet of South and Central Americans. Aztec writings included the very first recipe for salsa, which contained Cherry tomatoes, hot chile peppers and salt. Cherry tomatoes are descendents of the wild tomato, whose origins can be traced to coastal South America millions of years ago. Archeological evidence suggests that the very first strains of Cherry tomatoes were cultivated by Mesoamerican farmers at least a thousand miles away in northern Central America. The genetic makeup of Cherry tomatoes, unlike larger common tomatoes has remained almost unchanged. Cherry tomatoes, are in fact, predecessors of large tomato cultivars, which happen to be a mutation of Cherry tomatoes. The first cultivated tomato fruits were small, the size of berries and their flesh originally housed only two seed cavities.


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