Star Fruit

Star Fruit


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Star Fruit is available year round with sporadic gaps due to adverse weather conditions affecting production. Glossy, yellow and translucent, unique star fruit’s thin waxy skin has five deep lateral ridges that form charming star shapes when sliced. Easy to recognize, it is about two to five inches in length. Pleasantly citric, the complex taste of this attractive fruit has been described as combining plum, pineapple, apple, lemon and grape when it ripens to yellow. Its crisp texture offers a sweet-tart juice. Narrow ribbed fruits generally have a more tart flavor; thick fleshy ribs are usually sweet. A good source of vitamin C and potassium, star fruit provides dietary fiber. One medium size fruit contains about 40 calories. Eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables lowers the chances of cancer. A recent study found that eating nine or ten daily servings of fruits and vegetables, combined with three servings of low-fat dairy products, were effective in lowering blood pressure. Requiring no peeling or seeding, simply enjoy star fruit out of hand. Add to fruit and vegetable salads. Blend with avocado. Kiwis, mangoes and bananas welcome its tasty company. Add its goodness to enhance yogurt. Puree with other fruits or by itself for yummy Bavarian creams, ices, mousses and sherbets. For a texture and flavor balance, combine with sweet soft fruits. Saut


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